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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Hi Ladies, I'm so excited to share a glimpse of my life story. Three years ago I married my present wonderful husband Lester Murray Sr, after coming out of a very unhealthy marriage. Today I'm grateful. I have an amazing daughter name Jabria, 3 sons Daquan, Lester Jr, Malik, and an adorable grandson King. I was born in Birmingham, AL but relocated to Phoenix, AZ on a special project as a banker/new accounts specialist which lead me to reside in Phoenix for 18 years. Community Service and mission is my passion. As a Leader in our Community and Motivational Speaker, my heart and goal are to inspire and encourage women and families to pursue their Purpose Driven Dreams and Goals. Here are some of the Dreams and goals with the help of the Lord I"ve been able to accomplish. Bestowed Community Service award on behalf of President Barack Obama, Founder of Dream Girls R Fly, Miss. December #No More DomesticViolence Calendar Girl 2018-2019. Founder/ President of Freedom Revolution Reign Fight Back Association,( grant recipient for Phoenix community bringing awareness/safety and S.W.A.T Special Witness Action Team, as an (Evangelist) I have partnered with churches and schools between District 7 & District 8 in Phoenix, AZ community teaching character development and bullying. I also served as a Wedding Coordinator, Children's Ministry Coordinator, and a Preschool Teacher and entrepreneur of men's clothing store and self contractor Uber/Lyft, founder of several community awareness associations including Dream Girl's R Fly. My most humbling service was being asked to minister/encourage the Women and Families at Watkins Homeless Shelter for over 9 years. My last goal was to open up a transitional home for homeless women in 2015-2016. The Dream was fulfilled with the help of family and many friends and a total of five women and 1 child has benefited from the program. Although I struggled with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, diabetes, domestic violence, grief due to a tragic family death, and head injury, even to the point of being incapacitated at times. But God, wouldn't let me just give up and die. With the support of family, friends, Doctors, and Nurses they helped me "Fly" again by doing something so simple as helping me change my environment and removing the stress allowed me to refocus on my dreams and goals. All while volunteering it helped me stay focused and keep my dreams alive. I learned how vital it is for people to have a support system. Therefore, Dream Girls " R" Fly was birthed from a Queen who was not ready to give up on her Dream but to help others be purpose-driven by living their dream. Come join our winning team where your dream becomes a reality.

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